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How to find suppliers of the products in Research Lab

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20 Jun 16 07:30:30 am
Hi staff !
I have some problem when finding supplier on wholesale directory.
- I see this product from Market Research Lab:
Link hidden: Login to view

- and click supplier: Link hidden: Login to view

>> have alots supplier and wholesale, but which in this sale this product ?
I dont know how to find supplier .

thank all !

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21 Jun 16 08:34:38 pm
Hi there

I have tried the reaserch lab for awhile and everytime i find a product i'm struggling i'm interessted in checking out in detail I struggle to find it at any of the suppliers listed. Am I doing something wrong? I thought that when you find a product and click suppliers that you would get suppliers that actually sells the given product. Why else am I bothering with this?

If I'm misunderstanding something here please explain it to me. I'm a total newb in this game so I cant say that I do everyhing right....or anything...yet:-)

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21 Jun 16 08:58:25 pm
Hi Kenneth and welcome to the forum,

The Research Lab and our Verifed Suppliers are independent of each othere. The lab is a general research tool, it's not linked to any suppliers, it is designed to provide helpful market data to base purchasing decsions on, but does not provide results that link directly to our suppliers. If you are unable to find a product/s of interest from our directory, you can email Link hidden: Login to view with details of your sourcing request and the support staff will do their best to find supplier leads for you to follow up with.


Mark (fudjj)

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22 Jun 16 12:17:45 am
Hi Mr. Zoe!

That is a very interesting product. You can search on the following suppliers if they carry that product or an equivalent:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

You can check the websites of those suppliers to further verify your query. As for finding suppliers, you can type anything that you want to find in salehoo search bar and click on the recommendations given by salehoo. Recommendations are immediately presented as categories, for example, LED light rope will fall under Consumer Electronics, Home & Garden, or Sporting Goods and Entertainment, etc.. Just click on the category and it will show potential suppliers that might carry the product.

Hope this helps.

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24 Jun 16 01:10:20 pm
A trick i like to do which sometimes works. Do a google image search of the image on amazon and look for sites which have the same image on it.
Sometimes this yields results.

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24 Dec 16 03:06:55 am

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29 Dec 16 11:00:40 pm
What is the use of this research lab if it is just a general research lab that does not link to the suppliers? How do I see a product in the research lab and find actually a supplier that supplies it so that I can see if the price is right? Can someone advise me so that I know if I try another method because this is only causing me frustration.

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