How to get a resellers certificate?

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13 Oct 13 04:18:31 am
I live in Texas and have been having some limited success on Ebay, but would like to expand my business and several wholesalers listed in the SaleHoo directory require a reseller certificate. Where can this be obtained and what are the usual cost involved to obtain a reseller certificate.

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14 Oct 13 05:40:29 am
Hello David,

You can try checking on Texas state's official website or y our local county's office.

Here a blog to help you get your very own resellers certificate - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps!


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15 Oct 13 01:12:54 am
David what do you sell by the way. Please pm me

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10 Jan 14 01:48:56 am
Hello David - I'm not sure if you received the information needed. I'm registered in the state of Texas too and got my sales and use tax license real easy. Do feel free to reach out to me / write to me and I would be happy to help.

In fact I posted the note below in another forum post as a clarification within Salehoo -

Hello All - I'm probably responding a little late to this thread. But tkim8404, I'm a little confused on why you would use the IRS website for get a tax ID. Of course don't get me wrong, IRS is the core of Tax but depends on what Tax Id we are seeking.

If it is in the United States and if you are applying for a Tax ID to sell goods (which is transaction tax/Indirect Tax) and not Income Tax/Direct Tax , it is my understanding and experience that that you apply for a Sales & Use Tax number/ID with the respective state comptroller. For example, I started my business in the State of Texas. So I went to the Texas State comptroller website (which provides all the info we need) to apply for a sales and use tax number. The number was allocated almost instantly for my use though the physical license comes through the mail in a couple of weeks I guess.

Not that it is any of my concern, but I'm concerned as to whether you have the right license to sell products. Do remember that you collect Sales Tax if you are selling to anyone within the state / shipping to an address within the State. You would be bound by the law to calculate sales tax (if you are on ebay you could just set this up as a part of your tax table), collect and remit the same to the Govt. The remittance can be done whenever you wish to, but the filing of the sales and use tax return would typically happen on a quarterly basis. Check out the state's requirements for filing returns and the respective due dates.

I recently missed filing my returns on time and I received a notice from the state calculating taxes on my behalf based on some assumptions. The total tax payable was listed close to $1500 or so while in reality my sales was less than $1000 that quarter :)...Yeah..I sucked really bad in sales that quarter :( but you can imagine my reaction when I recd that from the state.

I called them and they said, there was a $50 late fee but that I could correct and file the actual values and it was solved for.

Hope this helps. Please do feel free to let me know if you need any other information. Happy to help!

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14 Jan 14 04:49:30 am
I am still pretty new to selling on eBay and am confused as to what the difference between a "Business License" is and a "Reseller Certificate"...I have never even heard of a "Reseller Certificate" until I came to Salehoo. I thought that in order to sell things online legally and have your taxes in order and all this was to have a BUSINESS LICENSE...Is this incorrect? Is a reseller License just another way to say Business License or are they two different things entirely? Thanks

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14 Jan 14 04:56:24 am
This should clarify it for you

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