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10 Jul 14 12:14:02 am
Hi Marc,

I've been approved to sell from a SaleHoo Supplier "Natural Miracles". I asked them how can I list their products on ebay, amazon, etc.? They said they don't deal with the internet as far as where I go to sell their products. They suggested I go to SaleHoo Communities and talk to you first. I said to them I was interested in selling their products, but wondered if I can copy and paste the info they have for each of their products and go from there. They said it shouldn't be a problem. They just sell their products on their own website. So I'm asking you if it's ok to use their info to sell on ebay, amazon, etc.? Do you have any suggestions?
Also, I found another dropship supplier from SaleHoo called "BioCleanse". Anyway, I used some of their info for their products on ebay and instead of selling the product, I listed it on ebay specifically stating in my description that if their purchase this for 0.99 cents, I will provide them with a link to the website to purchase the product. The link is a special link for them. Once they go to that link and website, the supplier will identify me as the reseller through the link. Now I had a buyer buy all of the products on my website for 0.99 cents. She apologized to me for being so hasty and not reading the fine print in my description. She was very understanding and said I did say I would provide a link, if she makes a purchase here for 0.99 cents. So I don't have my ads on ebay anymore, because the company was saying to me that I shouldn't be doing that. Doing that is link spamming. I did not know that. The supplier provides you with your own link. Said I should use it for my friends, facebook, etc. Not ebay. I gave the buyer a refund for what she bought.
I thought I could do that. I'm alittle confused as to how to do this listing items and the right way to do it.
I'm not very good at this.

Thank you,
Erin Hester

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10 Jul 14 09:42:04 pm
Hi Erin,

Just to confirm the part of your question. When you say that they don't deal with the Internet, do you mean that they don't sell their products on auction sites like eBay and Amazon to compete against their own agents or do you mean that don't actually want you to sell their products on auction sites yourself?

On your second question, that's an interesting one. I've never actually come across that before myself, but very creative of you to try lol. Is it link spamming, well I don't personally think it falls under that category. I mean you're not spamming anyone, you're advertising a link, so I think they are being quite harsh in their assessment. That said, if they don't want that done, then best not to do it and even though I am not current on what eBay's policy would be on doing that, knowing eBay I would imagine they would have something about not doing it.

Apart from all of that, the situation you found yourself in with the customer buying everything would be played out over and over and over again I think. A lot of people only see what they want to see and you would have customer after customer thinking they were actually buying the product itself, not the information.

I don't actually understand what this link is that they provide to give to your friends and family, that does seem kind of weird to me. Does the link provide the user with cheaper prices than generally advertised on their site?

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