How to make items on eBay look better?

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17 Mar 10 07:18:42 pm
I listed some items on eBay, and no response at all so far due to the lack of professionalism in layout on eBay. Is there a company that will do this for you? And if you sell, do you give them some percentage or commission? Or if they already have products, can you just post them on eBay.


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17 Mar 10 07:37:38 pm
lol, I've been toying with starting a small venture offering those sorts of services for a while actually, just too much time for too little reward.

Post a link to a listing and we'll take a look for you and see if we can give you some good advice that will lift them up, because presentation can make a huge difference.

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17 Mar 10 07:53:27 pm
Hi raraz,

You might consider you using eBay's turbo lister - its a free listing tool that helps you make professional looking product listings. To learn more about it, please visit this link:

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Also, as fudjj mentioned post us a link to your listing, we'd be happy to take a look and give you the appropriate tips you need :)



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18 Mar 10 03:10:54 am
One decent thing about the eBay layout is that any nice-looking CSS/HTML design can be used for your listing. You can make your listing look almost any way you want it; just find a template you like and use it.


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