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4 Jan 11 07:21:24 pm
I just signed up for Salehoo, and I'm not sure I'm using this site correctly. When I joined (after doing my research) I was under the impression that by joining, members would have access to wholesale and discount suppliers - and there always seemed to be an implied exclusivity in the suppliers.

I was under the impression that I would have access to sources that only people using dropshipping and wholesale sites like this would have access to...but it seems like every company I go to will sell to the general public, and that means I cannot find any products to source.

I understand that part of the membership is that the websites listed are "trusted" sites, but a lot of the reviews for places claims they are scams. Plus, sometimes the information listed in the source's information is incorrect. (Like stating they offer dropshipping and they don't, no minimum requirements and then there are, etc...)

So, maybe I'm using the site wrong. I cannot afford to buy bulk yet, so I wanted to start out by dropshipping. I know the margin is low, but I figured that if I made 1-3 dollars on every item I sold, I'd build up my customer base and learn the ropes before plonking a ton of money down.

But, I cannot find any item on any of the dropship sites that can be resold on ebay or Amazon for any kind of profit - they would all be losses.

I'm not picky on what I sell...I thought maybe crafts or gift-type things would sell but Joe Public has access to the same site I do, so why would someone pay my ebay fees and 1-3 dollar profit when he can Google the item and get it for less?

Is there something I'm missing? I've read the literature on how to sell on ebay, but it seems to me like the literature might need updating in the dropshipping category...because it does not seem like dropshipping will work at all with ebay.

I'm not expecting millions - but I don't want to take a huge loss, either.

To be frank, is there any reason to be a member if I use dropshipping only?

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4 Jan 11 10:07:18 pm
Hi curiouscornershop,

Yes, I agree that a number of our suppliers can be found by simply googling them. But let me ask you this, when you google suppliers do you already know that they are safe to deal with and not just another scammer lurking on the internet waiting for their next victim?

On SaleHoo we do the background work and ensure our members that the suppliers listed here have been verified to ensure everyone a safe shopping experience - that is why we do not provide suppliers to none members :)

If and when you see information that is not correct let us know and we'll gladly look into it. Supplier sites change regularly, please understand that we have over 8000 suppliers and adding more daily so our staff may not get to check each supplier listing on a daily basis. But we do have staff working solely on making our directory much better.

eBay and Amazon have both become an extremely competitive marketplace and it is not uncommon to find products selling at prices the same as or lower than wholesaler. How can this be? Lots of wholesalers sell on eBay/Amazon directly to the public! Unfair yes, but its the reality.

What can you do about it?

* Order in bulk quantities to drive the wholesale price down
* Sell on another auction site other than eBay – there are heaps to choose from and profit margins are usually better. Craigslist is also a good place to sell if you live in the USA. (Let us know if you need more suggestions for places to sell online)
* Buy liquidation – this lets you get product for pennies on the dollar. (I’ll let you in on a secret, this is how lots of powersellers make money on eBay these days)
* Find a niche market with few competitors – collectibles and one-off items have amazing profit margins, even on eBay/Amazon.

If you need help please do not hesitate to let us know, we always do our best to help our members out - This you certainly won't get when simply googling suppliers :)

All the best!


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6 Jan 11 01:22:10 am
I'd like to add that we have lots of successful members and you can read their stories from here Link hidden: Login to view :)

Our newsletter is also a good way to get more good sourcing and selling tips.
If you haven't done so, sign up to our newsletter at Link hidden: Login to view




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