How to start an online business for Canadian sellers

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10 May 17 09:33:24 pm
Hey I am looking for advice on how to set up a business in Canada. I live in Canada.

1.Canadian Dropshippers.. where are they?
2.Why did the American warehouse that does Dropshipping to Canada tell me my GST number is not a real number. (It's the number I got after the application.. I think maybe it's actually a reference number?, If so how long does it take for them to give you a real number because I need it now) anyone familiar with the GST registration process let me know WTF is up with this..
3.Why does every electronics wholesaler attempt to sell used, refurbished crap at used retail price.. how the hell can you make profit on that? Why would you want to buy at those prices.. $900 for a refurbished iPad air 2 64gb is retail. I don't care what they think I can't sell it for any more than that without cheating customers. Also I really think salehoo needs to stop saying Apple, or Samsung in the brands sold section when it's only accessories.. it's frustrating because I will not sell that stuff because everyone sells that on
4.i need a electronics wholesaler or Dropshipper for brand New brand name products. Sony, Apple, Canon, Xbox, Samsung, DJI, MSI, Dyson, Nvidia, Intel, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, GoPro, Teenage Engineering.. those are the brands I want to sell and I havnt found a single source that is selling new products or will work with a Canadian. Also I know what retail looks like and what I have found is just retail..
5.I'm really being tempted to use Alibaba , but I'm afraid to because I don't want knock offs.. though I have no problem finding everything I want I just don't trust it.. anyone know of a reliable authentic products seller on Alibaba?

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11 May 17 01:05:41 am
Got a few points there that I'll do my best to answer for you.

Where are the Canadian Drop-shippers - what type of products are you searching for?

Your GST rejected by supplier - I can't help much with that because I don't know what number you used. I can only suggest you call your local authority who you applied through for clarification on that one to be 100% sure.

Wholesalers selling refurbished electronics - It's hard for me to comment on a supplier's price, I can only recommend that if you feel the prices are off the mark, skip them and find one more in-line with your price expectations.

Suppliers required - I'll pass that request through to support for you and they'll do their best to source you some supplier leads you can follow up on. I'm unsure about some of those names mentioned, but others such as Apple only sell through their own closed networks, they don't distribute their products through an open source market.

Alibaba - You're right to be concerned about Alibaba. You will never have a problem finding the brands and the prices on a site like that, no one has that problem. The problem is that you won't find genuine authentic brand names, no matter what the seller assures you. You'll be able to buy dirt cheap Apple branded products, but they will only be Apple branded, they won't actually be Apple.


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