How to use html pictures with eBay

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23 Jun 11 07:39:00 pm
Hey wondering exactly to add pictures using html and save a lot of money. Let me know if you can help

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24 Jun 11 12:37:21 am
Hi Miilion-ells,

I think these can help - Link hidden: Login to view
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Cheers! :)


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24 Jun 11 02:37:47 am
If you know even a little bit of HTML, it's easy to create eBay listings that fantastic. Find a free website template that would look good as a listing, clean/edit it as necessary, and put the stylesheet (if it uses a .css file) inside the HTML of the template -- voila, a copy-and-paste listing masterpiece.

You need somewhere to host your images. There are many free sites out there, and basic hosting is so cheap these days it really can pay to have your own. Get a domain that is somehow relevant to what you're selling, and a hosting account -- you're talking $40 or less per year here -- and upload your images to that account rather than to a free service like Photobucket. Then, on your site add an index page that describes your business, links back to your profile at eBay, maybe offers a signup to an e-mail list, etc. So when people go to save or look at the images you use in your listings, human curioisity will tend to lead them to go to the main address and see what's there. Might as well put something there.

Here's a template I have used for many different products -- please feel free to swipe it and use it:

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All of the code and the styling information is contained in one file, and the code is fairly clean and well-comented. I believe even a novice with HTML could work out how to customise this page to his own listings, from photos to links to the colours, and I'm happy to help out if anyone wants to use it and needs help making minor adjustments.


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