How to work out how many to buy from different sizes/colors

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19 Mar 12 08:46:58 am
Hi all,

I am just curious as to how do i go about deciding on how many of each item and their sizeing

What i mean is

For Example if Dress A has 5 Different Sizes in 6 different colors

How do i go about deciding the qauntiies of each Dress out of the 6 colors and the 5 different sizes?

if i want 5 of each i should buy 5 of each what would be a good way to workout what would be good to start out with buying clothes in bulk and re-selling them?


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20 Mar 12 02:09:30 am
Hi William,

I can't really say that you should buy this quantity and this color, honestly it would be triple hard to say exactly how many. You could probably start with one for each :)

Or you could either have all sizes for each color/style. If you can't spare that much you can have 1 color 1 size.

In situations like these, dropshipping really makes everything so much simpler since with dropshipping you can offer the full range without having to worry about any unsold stocks!

Sorry I was not of that much help here.. but I do wish you all the best in your business!

Cheers :)


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20 Mar 12 09:17:33 pm
Just ask your wholesaler. Most are happy to help with recommended product variation mixes.


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