Howdy from the hills of Kentucky!

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13 Jan 09 07:05:08 pm
Hi, everyone. I had problems at first trying to login. Found out that one of the numbers at the end of the password wasn't there. That's odd...

Anyway, I joined because I have some extra cash to use for buying wholesale and selling for profit. My goal is to pay off my house and then maybe break off from the usual hourly-wage lifestyle and make my own money. I have a lot of 'norms' in my life and the norm of going to a factory job gets old after a while.

As for my hobbies and extra time, I'm into video games and making artwork on my computer mostly. I'm hoping I'll start a profitable hobby here.

For now, I guess I'll start looking around and touring the site. Wish me luck!

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23 Jan 09 03:02:29 am
Hi there,

Great to have you onboard!

Please feel free to look around the forum and resources page and let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck :)


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23 Jan 09 11:40:46 am
Hello gameboy. Just a word of advice. Make sure you research everything. And when starting an online business expect to make some losses while you learn. One of the many things I see are newer people trying to make it online. They loose a few buck and give up. There is always a margin of loss when venturing online to sell products. The best thing to do is research everything you can in advance before committing to the job.

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