I am new to SaleHoo - how do I start?

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4 Jan 11 04:09:16 am
...from all the information here. I hope I'm not the only one who started out like a hyperactive monkey in a banana shop. ("What's this? Oh, wait...what's that? What about this? And where is that??!!) I'm sure it will all sift through in a few days, and I'm sure the smart thing to do is read the Education information...but I wanna start doing this NOW! ;-)

I thought I'd drop in the forum and introduce myself. I've see some good info from the users already, and I'm sure I'll be asking a question or two eventually.

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4 Jan 11 04:21:05 am
Hi curioscornershop,

I felt exactly like you with I started my training with SaleHoo support :) and I'm sure many other members can relate to how you feel right right now too!

Yes, the best starting point is to go through the education tab. Don't forget the bonus guides (pdf guides) in the guides section, Link hidden: Login to view I'm sure you'll find these quite helpful too. Especially our New User Manual - where we explain how to get off on the right footing with the suppliers you would like to work with and lay the groundwork for negotiating the best prices and creating long-term relationships.

Then once you read through everything in our guides section, do find time to go through our forum, you can easily search and browse for topics or products/suppliers you are interested in by using our 'Search in the forum' tab on the upper left side.

Our blogs are a good source of advice and info too!

Oppss..I didn't mean to make you brain hurt some more :) Just want to be sure you don't miss anything.

If you need help with anything else feel free to email us at support@salehoo.com or simply post it here on the forum.



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4 Jan 11 10:38:44 am
Yeah, starting out can be a little overwhelming with information overload, but just take your time and absorb as much as possible before you pull the pin. The education centre is a great place to start, but the forum is overloaded with great advice on a comprehensive range of topics, so plenty can be learnt from reading through that, and of course we have super helpful members and support staff who will be happy to assist with any inquiry at any time : )

Welcome to SaleHoo : )

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Jan 11 09:29:11 pm
I think we all start like that man!! I've been doing this a while and my brain still hurts..lol

Richelle's given you some good points there

building a website for newbies.

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4 Jan 11 09:40:10 pm
Hello and welcome to the site, curiouscornershop!

If it gets too overwhelming, just holler and we'll be happy to help you out.



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