I don't sell on ebay. Can I still use Auction Inspector ?

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21 Sep 07 07:38:07 pm
Hi there,

I'm wondering if Auction Inspector is used for ebay seller only. If I don't sell on ebay, can I use Auction Inspector to find a niche market or niche products to sell on my website?

Does anyone use Auction Inspector to find a niche market?

Thanks for your reply.


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27 Sep 07 06:32:17 am
Sure - you can still use Auction Inspector to find niches. However, you need to be cautious about applying the results to different markets as there can be big variations. Something in demand on eBay might not always be in demand elsewhere. And items not in demand on eBay can often be in demand elsewhere!

Use it to get ideas, but just make sure you research the market you are actually selling to before going to deep!



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