I'm new, please help!

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31 Jan 14 03:11:39 am
I am new to online retail business. I need to know what to start out to sell.



Frevonna L. Mazique

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2 Feb 14 06:25:33 am
Hi Vonna,

To be honest, I think the best place to start is to sell off some unwanted things around the house. It gets you some experience, some feedback if you use eBay and a little cash flow to maybe roll into some new stock.

Mark (fudjj)

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25 Aug 14 02:50:42 am
Hello Vonna,

A great way to find niche markets and hot products to sell is by selling stuff from around your home.Nothing beats knowledge gained from experience and selling stuff from around the home is the best way to get it without any risk.

After some practice with goods from around the home, I recommend buying small wholesale lots of products that most people use on a daily basis.

It's also good to keep in touch with what you want to do, what you enjoy doing, or simply what you are generally interested in. There are good ideas back there, you just need to sort it out.

There are several items that you think are just plain old junk but can actually sell pretty well. I suggest that once you think of an idea, plug it into our Market Research Lab - Link hidden: Login to view

This will help you find out if your chosen product, or niche, has a good chance in selling out - plus, it will give you an instant peek at possible suppliers for it.

Other places to find hot items:

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Our Twitter feed! We regularly post hot new markets on our Twitter stream - follow us by going to Link hidden: Login to view

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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14 Mar 16 03:52:38 am
Starting a online business requires a sacrifice of some kind, usually in the form of time or cash. You need to have one of these two currencies! If you’re not able to invest either, you won’t be able to build a viable business. You got to have the right tools, contacts and resources as you move along.

1. Know your product well
2. Identify your market
3. Aim Big - start small


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14 Mar 16 11:44:23 pm
I would suggest not going into objects like video games or electronics unless you have a big income to spend on. For me I have started out in dropp shipping. Its little cost up front with good turn over if you find the right objects. Find items in a niche. when I say niche I mean something that's odd or unusual. A good place to start is to look at the world around you. Find something that in your normal day to day is weird. I would do some product research on items that have a good turn over rate with low competition.


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