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30 Aug 17 10:21:19 pm
Everyone is always interested in drop-shipping from suppliers, but have you ever considered becoming a drop-ship supplier yourself?

Yes, it does take a little cash up front, but depending on the genre you want to move into, you might be surprised at how little it does take to get started.

Look at the kitchen/cooking genre as an example. Let's pick a product from that general genre, let's say spice shakers. Link hidden: Login to view

An MOQ of just 100 units @ 0.50 USD per unit (according to the listing) It's just an example, but you're talking about an investment of $50.00 USD, plus shipping and you have stock of 100 units ready to offer drop-ship agents.

Yes, of course, you need to offer more than one item to be successful long term, but there is no harm in starting small and building up to success.

Now, granted, I used a very low MOQ as an example, but it shows that low MOQ do exist. In the event that you come up against a high MOQ, let's say 10,000 units. Don't just walk away, ask the supplier if they can do 1000 units. Now if the supplier has no stock on hand, chances are they will say no, but on the off chance that they have stock sitting waiting to clear, then there aren't many suppliers who will knock back a sale.

So maybe for some with a little drive and creativity, the focus shouldn't only be on drop-shipping other's products. Maybe the focus should be on being the one that has the products that other's want to drop-ship!

There is one thing guaranteed in e-commerce, there will never be a shortage of people wanting to drop ship other people's products. The question you have to ask yourself if which you want to be ..... seller or supplier?

Ultimately, the choice is completely your own!

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