Ice Storm in Midwest

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1 Dec 06 04:42:34 pm
Anyone From the Midwest?
We just got our Butts kicked by an Ice storm.

The town I live in has had a rough night from the storm. We lost power to more then half the town. Trees are down, Fires are still burning. And half of the 3,000 man emergency services in our town are going nutz from all the emergency calls. I have a tree laying on my shed right now and A downed power pole in my front yard lol. Cant even get ahold of ameron to get the thing removed.
Anyone else getting beat up out there?

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1 Dec 06 05:02:16 pm
I have seen the news coverage on the storms system and been thinking 'and I thought I was freezing my tail off!' I do feel for ya' though, have been through a few ice storms when I lived in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Being born and raised in a fairly moderate climate here in the Hill Country of Texas, serious cold just about kills me. After Colorado, even though I loved the skiing, and Okla. I had had about all I could stand of cold, cold weather, so I trotted my little self back to Texas.

It was cold here yesterday - at least for us! In the 40's which wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the wind. Sheesh, nearly blew me away when I walked the dog.

I am a huge baby when it comes to cold weather. I want to make a fortune on ebay so I can move where it 80 degrees year round. No 40 degrees in winter and no 105 degrees in summer!



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