Is is a good idea to buy pallets to resell?

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6 Mar 12 07:40:08 pm
There is a large event approaching in my area "Portland's Largest Garage Sale" at an indoor Expo Center. I have decided to purchase a couple of pallets and rent a booth. I've never done this before. It's hard to research like I would if I were going to use a Flea Market since I can't visit ahead of time. It's a large event that will have a bit of everything.

I'm going to buy from Via Trading. They have some pallets of Macy's accessories shelf pulls/overstock. I am planning to pick through for anything that would do well on eBay or Craigslist and sell the rest at the event. I'm wanting to get another item or two. They have some smaller boxes that I could get to try out a few different things. They have these events a few times a year so I will want to do it again.

Other items I'm considering are: brand new makeup, clothing (I like working with clothing but I know people are wanting low prices at these events so I don't know if its right for this), brand new kids socks (.25 per pair so thinking people would pay .50 per pair??), sales guy recommended a case of shelf pulls of general merchandise-its small stuff like kitchen utensils, toys, etc, price is low but so would sale price be. I know I've seen this kind of stuff at similar events and people love stuff for $1 or less. Also looking at customer returns of bedding (comforters, etc) but my price is about $16 per item and I'm not sure if I could get much for them. Also like the customer returns of window drapes/panels. My cost is $3-$4 per unit. I also really like the pallets of customer return toys. They look nice, but I have a child so I get excited about this and don't want to make my decision based on that.

Any input is appreciated! Are these ideas good/bad? Any experience? I really want to play is safe since this is my first run at it. If I can make enough to turn around and buy more to sell at these events and flea markets and online. Not looking to make a fortune, but $1K a month would be great as an average after I get going on this.

I have been doing little bits of selling on eBay/Craigslist and have great eBay rating. I would only sell online items that are good and would make money and not risk my good score.


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7 Mar 12 04:12:24 am
Hi stuckeytabitha,

I think buying pallets is a good idea but you have to creative when you do, as sometimes pallets have a few items that would fall under the "hard to sell" category :) Things with missing parts or slight worn out pieces of clothing...

Via Trading has come highly recommended on the forum so you should be able to find good finds there.

Clothing and bits and pieces of almost anything will sell in events like the one you are attending! Just be sure to offer a competitive price for your items since many will be selling similar items.

For online sales on the other hand you might want to do a bit more extra research before committing to buying certain stock pallets. Online people tend to be a bit more choosier so make sure that you have done your due diligence.

Good luck and wish you all the best with your upcoming event!

Cheers :)


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7 Mar 12 04:53:49 am

This can be a great success for you if approached properly. I'd contact Via, Topper and a few other reputable pallet/load sales companies and tell them what you have in mind. Most are happy to offer some insights into what's selling, what has the highest markup potential etc. Hitting big "one off" expos/sales events takes a serious commitment of work and money, but most liquidators are happy to work with you, especially when you come back for that second load.


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8 Mar 12 04:28:24 pm
Thank you all for the input. I'm definately going to give this a shot. I need to place my order soon. I've researched as much as possible on the flea market aspect and have some good advice, but everything says, understandably, that it depends on your crowd and since I can't visit ahead of time since it only happens once or twice a year.

I'm still torn about what to order. As far as online, I'm not going to order anything specifically for that at this point, but just see if anything on the pallets would do better online and if so, list it.

I really want to do well so that I can turn around and buy more to sell at some local flea markets and at the next big event like this.

I used to go to flea markets and swap meets myself in the south and definately saw a bit of everything. I'm wondering now about getting some drug store type stuff. Via has some that are returns and have a wide arrange of items like what you would find at Walgreens. I would prefer a lot of health and beauty items like shampoo, cond, etc. I remember a booth at another place doing well with that stuff. What do you think? Do you know of a place to get such items?

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14 Mar 12 09:52:25 pm
Another question came up about flea markets and then I saw that you had an old question about flea markets as well.

I just came across a website called that may interest you (I'm not affiliated with them in anyway; just came across them in the research I was doing)

They have a product sourcing area that may have the type of products you are looking for if in fact you are still searching.
Best wishes


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