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Is it worth listing old/used clothing on eBay?

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21 May 10 12:05:36 am
Thanks for your very helpful input on my ID. Here is another situation I am dealing with. We have boxes of family clothing that have been stored for several years. Do you think it is worth listing these on eBay? Will they sell and will they sell for enough money that it will be worth our time to list them?



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21 May 10 12:54:48 am
No one could make any guarantee's on what you would get for it, and would it be worth your time. Having said that, clothing is a very popular product to sell on ebay, and the bigger the range, the bigger your potential market is, so it has to definitely be well worth trying I would think.

Mark (fudjj)

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21 May 10 01:02:10 am
That's a great question. It really depends on what type of clothes you've got. Vintage clothing does sell well if it is in good condition, and especially if you have designer labels. For example, if you've got an 80s batwing jersey, or a vintage frock like this Link hidden: Login to view you'll probably do quite well.

On the other hand, shapeless trackpants with pilling are unlikely to be very sort after!

I suggest taking a look at similar items on eBay and completed listings, and see whether there is a market for what you've got.

Otherwise, as you say, the time and cost of listing will mean you end up losing money!

The alternative would be to sell it at a local flea or car-boot market, where a lot of vintage-clothing lovers go!


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21 May 10 01:39:35 am
I guess if you’re not really sure how much to earn from unwanted things/clothing at home, you can just look at it as a way to earn ratings. Just put a catchy low price on them, make sure they pretty cover the listing and postage costs, and you will then have several items to pump up your feedbacks. This is only if you want to get rid of stuff and some used clothing. Going into serious vintage clothing line is another story. :)

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21 May 10 05:28:15 am
If you're a newbie to selling online (eBay) then selling used clothing could be a great start. No capital is needed and since you have boxes of old clothes then this situation can be a great practice for you - to hone your skills!

Just make sure to write your item descriptions as accurate as possible so you won't come across too many unhappy customers :)

All the best!


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26 May 10 04:30:11 am
There are certain items that sell very well in pre-owned clothing which is how you want to list your item. Don't say used in your listing.

Distressed Levi jeans go very well. These are vintage Levis that have a worn look to them and can include fading, minor tearing in the knees and rear pockets.

If the rear waist tag still show Levis, that's even better.

High end names such as Cardin and others can fetch a nice price.

Old Navy and similar type clothing wont get much unless they are new and probably wont sell as well as,-- I forget the name but it was a cheap mail order company. Not Lands End.

Any type of outdoor sports wear in good condition like Columbia will sell good too.

Forget any kind of socks or underwear obviously unless in absolute brand new condtion and a sought after name.

Certain other items will sell as well such as old leather biker clothes.

I sold a Firemans chemical jacket for a nice penny but my guess is you don't have one of those.

Good luck.

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