Is private labeling/branding possible w/ limited budget?

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3 May 12 07:32:43 am
Hi everyone! I'm new to salehoo and in the process of deciding what kind of products i would like to sell. I like the idea of private labelling and am thinking vitamins or tea products. At the moment i only want to invest a small amount, under $1000 but wondering if this is really possible when it involves producing your brand and packaging?
If its not viable i would then look into purchasing wholesale of the same products for resell. Át the moment i'm waiting to hear back from a few suppliers that offer private labelling but would like some thoughts from members whether my expectations are a bit unreasonable on this one.

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3 May 12 03:22:14 pm
Private labeling in that price range, in order to get any kind of margin you're going to have to focus on a very narrow range of product -- which roughly translates to betting the farm on a single or very small range of products which will have essentially zero liquidation value (not just because vitamins and supplements tend to be hard to liquidate, but because the private label makes them doubly so.)

If you have confidence in the product and are not too risk-averse, then it's certainly worth trying. I just feel that, if your budget is that small you might want to focus on better-known brands, build brand awareness for your store/site/etc. by providing good value on known products, then capitalise on that awareness when you introduce your own private label stuff somewhere down the line.


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4 May 12 02:28:20 am
Hi and welcome Carina :)

Honestly I'm not too sure about the needed capital to promote your own brand/label.

But a number of dropshippers will allow you to dropship their products with your own branding or labels.

But if you are new to selling online and have not yet built a good solid reputation as a trustworthy seller, then Frank's advice is spot on!

All the best...


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4 May 12 05:50:27 am
Thanks so much, i might take your advice and look at private labelling once i've built a more established set up :)

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1 Jan 15 06:09:57 pm
Hi! I want to thank you all for you input on private labeling of products.

My question is, isn't there less competition and more profit margin if I private label products? How do you make money selling other people's products when the manufacturers could sell them cheaper themselves?

I'm just starting out and new to having my own business selling on line, so I'd appreciate clarity of this issue of private labeling or not.

Thanks so much!

Blessings, Deirdre

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1 Jan 15 09:15:08 pm
Hi Deirdre and welcome to the forum,

Definitely an element of truth in what you say about private labeling, however it takes more than just the brand name to make a product valuable. Consumers are pretty switched on these days, so if you are going to say ...... brand your own make up line, then why would anyone buy your product over and above another brand?

That's where the focus needs to be and then that comes down to marketing, to understanding the market, understanding what consumers are looking for in that genre, identifying those things and catering for them ... and then hitting the market at the correct price point to encourage sales.

Of course all that and then you're only at the start line, now you have to get the product marketed to generate the sales.

Lot more to it than just the product label itself.

Mark (fudjj)

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