Is selling Trojan condoms profitable?

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19 Nov 09 02:30:58 am
I can buy Trojan condoms for a little less than $3 for 12. Do you think people would buy them if I sold them on eBay or any other website? I personally would not buy condoms online but I assume some people might.

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19 Nov 09 02:39:25 am
Ummm, well, have to admit that I have no idea of the online prices for condoms, but very little doubt in my mind that if you can supply them at the right price, then it could well be a very strong market.

Good luck with it

Mark (fudjj)

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19 Nov 09 08:10:34 am
Hi KenCo,

I had a quick check on eBay and some market research tools and found that locally, there is only a small number of searches for this product but globally, the number is quite good. It might not be that big of a niche market but the sell-through rate on eBay is high, at about 57% which makes eBay a good place to sell them on. Like what fudjj has pointed out, if you can offer a competitive price, then it could be a good market to try out.

You may do a Completed Listings Search on eBay to see how much other sellers are selling these products for or how much they have sold them for for the month of November. Just type in the keywords in the Search Box and click on the Advanced Search option.

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