Is that 'special offer' after you join SaleHoo worth it?

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8 May 09 07:12:20 pm
I Just joined Salehoo about 30 minutes ago and had to think long and hard about joining because 67 bucks is alot for me right now, hoping to start an Ebay business with a small budget. But I was intrigued upon that special offer by those Ebay Powersellers that supposedly share all their secrets.... for around $150, if I recall the price right.

I've always been skeptable about those who say they're showing how they do everything, because if they're so successful, why would they want everyone to know their tricks of the trade and become their competition? Probably because it's more profitable to come out with a product for rookies to buy and they'd make more money off of that than selling on Ebay...

Sorry if I offended anyone working on Salehoo, but that was my gut feeling as I considered the additional $150 option. But has anyone purchased the product and had a favorable opinion of it's results?

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8 May 09 09:43:14 pm
Don't worry about offending anyone firstly, very open and honest forum so feel free to speak your mind.

I don't personally know of the product you are talking of so commenting on it is a little dangerous, but what the hell, that's never stopped me before.

I think gut feelings are always a good guide, and this instance seem to be serving you well.

Power Sellers Secrets?

The are no secrets, that's the big secret!!

There are no secret suppliers, no secret products, no magic words that can make anyone a success. It's all down to sound business principles and long hours, nothing more.

The reason these types of information packs sell so well is because people get lazy and want to find shot cuts to save themselves the drama of doing the work.

Then they get upset when they find that being lazy has cost them a couple of hundred bucks, and provided them with garbage.........

The question that always sticks out in my mind is why on earth do people not take this as a serious business?

Hardly anyone ever even develops a business plan, they just throw money in all sorts of directions and hope for the best!

Online retailing is one of the most competitive markets there is, make no mistake about it. Just like any business, if you don't treat it as a business and run it as a business then you have very little chance of it being a business for very long!

If everyone would ignore these absurd get rich schemes and just concentrate on building some basic business skills, there would be a lot less garbage get sold, and a lot more people holding onto their cash.

OK, having said all that.....I don't have a clue what this product, but having once been a Power Seller myself, all be it for short time and only at a bronze level, I can assure everyone that there are no's just business sense and application!

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9 May 09 03:00:26 am
I will second that.

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10 Jun 09 09:42:01 pm
Hi guys
Well I just joined Salehoo and took advantage of the special offer but I wish I had read this first, I ignored my gut feeling!! It cost $67USD then I found out it's going to cost a further $120USD for webhosting. There is a lot of information in there but whether or not it's any good I don't know as I am new to this. It's an ebook business which I thought would be ok but then I find out that you can no longer sell them on ebay anyway so now to try and make this work I am going to have to spend more money on advertising. It's obviously working for the owners as they get newbies like myself signing up all the time with huge amounts of hope and a near zero bank balance. Anyway will give it a good go and hope for the best!


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