is this a scam?

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11 Mar 07 05:40:59 am
Is this a scam?.....

Hi, my best friend's wife is gonna have a baby in a few days and I would like to make a
present for them. I want it to be something special. For example your doll packed in a gift
wrap with a card inside. I believe you have a good taste! Also I want to send $900 via Western Union to them as an additional
part of my present. The only problem is I want to make them surprised and don't want them
to know that the present is from me.
I am looking for a seller who could help me with that.
I will pay for your item, packaging, express shipping and WU fees of course.
They live in Russia, not in the USA.
Please let me know if you could help me with that! I want you to ship everything
to them directly and to send the money present via Western Union either.
I could even pay you for a trouble let's say $200 - please understand it's very
important for me!
Good luck! Happy trading on ebay! I hope to hear from you soon!

i would just likle to know does this sound legit i want to know what everyone else thinks?

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11 Mar 07 09:00:43 am
100% fraudulent scam. Do everyone a favor, and turn their address or email into this department of investigators.

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11 Mar 07 05:09:37 pm[/email]

I accidently deleted the email cause its a force of habit i empty out my emails all the time but explain to me how this scam works though

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11 Mar 07 09:37:27 pm
Sounds very much like a scam to be honest. I wouldent touch it at all!

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11 Mar 07 10:55:07 pm
There are companies out there that would do the very same thing they are asking of you. If something is that important, they would not ask a person whom they know nothing about to do something as a 'Favor' to them. If they were really looking to do as they say, they would seek out a legitimate business that would ship to Russia.

Its a scam where they send you a fake invoice saying they have depositied 'X' amount of dollars in a PayPal acct etc. This money is 'Pending' and you do not have access to it. They say its urgent and to please send money via western union. You send the money to only find out they have sent you nothing, but you are out your money you sent them.

'If it sounds too good to be true ..... ' ;-)

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12 Mar 07 04:47:16 am
For one thing I do not condone any such activity from a salehoo member.This is a typical scam and Id advise you not to follow through with such activity. Do not fall into this as this sound like complete BS. This thread has been answered and is closed.

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