Issues on PayPal payments to US supplier

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17 Sep 14 10:19:01 pm

I'm from THAILAND and just start my business a few weeks ago with dropshiping on eBay, First three products that I sold from 1st supplier have not any problem. But with the latest product that I sold from 2nd Supplier. I try to pay it with PayPal and transaction is not success, it show "We're sorry, PayPal Thailand accounts cannot ship purchases to United States".

I'm try to contact PayPal and supplier with PayPal Solution, they both said I should have PayPal US account to solve it but how can I register, I have not address and credit card in US. right?

I'm looking for the other way to pay supplier with international bank transfer but the fee is very expensive.

So please help to advise me how I solve this problem.

Boonchai N.

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18 Sep 14 08:43:23 pm
Just so I understand completely, you've spoken to PayPal directly about the problem and they have given you no options at all?

Mark (fudjj)

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1 Oct 14 06:46:39 am

i recommend you give payonner ago they will provide you with a US Bank account with Payoner mastercard debit card that can be used outside the US works with amazon as well.

heres the link if your interested. Link hidden: Login to view

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3 Oct 14 02:34:12 am
Hello Boonchai,

Were there any changes on your Paypal account? It might be the member's accounts that you are trying to deliver to.

Paypal displays this message if you have entered a delivery address in a different country to the one you registered with your Paypal account. Paypal does this to protect you from fraud.

Here is also a forum/thread that can assist with the error:

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Hope this helps.


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