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8 Jun 06 02:52:07 am
A duck goes into a store and asks the clerk, 'Hey you got any fish?' The clerk replies, 'No, and we dont serve ducks here.' So the duck leaves the store and the next day hes back again and says to the clerk, 'Hey, you got any fish?' The clerk becomes furious and yells at the duck, 'NO! We dont serve ducks here! If you come back again Im going to nail your feet to the floor!' The duck leaves and the next day returns yet again. He asks the clerk 'You got any nails?' The clerk says 'No'. With that the duck replies, 'Good, you got any fish?'


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9 Jun 06 05:29:59 am
i laughed good shit

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9 Jun 06 03:25:15 pm
smartass duck lol :P


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