Just signed up - What do I do now?

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12 Mar 07 07:32:23 am
Hello, :D

I just signed up and dont have a clue what to do now.
I just need to know if I understand all this correctly. If someone wouldn't mind answering a few questions. Do we have help getting started? I have no idea what to do.
I really, really want to find something to do from home to actually make money. I have been looking at sites for a long time and never felt good about them. SaleHoo got some good reviews.
So do we pick something from a catalog to sell and then put it on a website somewhere?


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12 Mar 07 11:53:08 am
You need to find a wholesaler or dropshipper that you want to use. If you pick a wholesaler, you need to purchase some products to sell on ebay, ubid, or where ever you want to try to sell them. If you pick a dropshipper, you need to pick out some of the products you want to sell, then sell them on ebay, ubid or somewhere else. You collect the money for your sale and then place the order with the dropshipper. The item will be shipped to your customer. You do not receive help getting started, but feel free to ask as many questions as you want in the forums. People here are very helpful and have a lot of great tips. Search the forums for your questions. They have proably already been asked somewhere. One suggestion to get started is Link hidden: Login to view. You can purchase wholesale, or use them as a dropshipper. They have a great range of products to sell.

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13 Mar 07 08:52:14 am

Try getting familiar with Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view just to get started out.

Pick a variety of products, and then start selling them.

They can be direct purchased and shipped for the low wholesale cost, to anyone pretty much and then you simply submit the order.

Or buy a lot from them at wholesale cost if you are ready. Once you get familiar with it check out dhgate, tiger direct and other larger supply stores including in your own city.

You will find you can dropship almost anything if you search around, and can find wholesale cost items in many many different places.


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