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6 Jun 07 09:08:48 pm
*******DELETED BY ADMIN*******

This user is not a registered Seller For Link hidden: Login to view
Be advised it is not recommended that you contact this person untill they have registered with Link hidden: Login to view as a Seller and have been cleared to sell to salehoo members.

When they have been cleared they will have the title

*****Registered Seller ***** under thier username.

Sellers can register with salehoo for free. By visiting this link for further information.

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If you continue to post without salehoo approval your posts will be deleted and you account may be removed If we decide to do so.

Thanks / Jimmy_SaleHoo

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6 Jun 07 09:41:47 pm
Is Link hidden: Login to view a registered seller yet?

I looked over the whole place and it just still seems hard to believe. The layout and everything scream scam or somebody who is the middle man, probably getting it from surplus direct or something.

I really want to see what others are saying about this place, the margin goods site seems to be very very new.

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7 Jun 07 04:22:02 am
This site is barely a month old.

Is this your site hitech?

You have 17 post spamming this same site, I am deleting them all.

Im almost certain this site is a scam. It also looks like a very close copycat of mkenterprise.

If you continue to post this site without registering.
Your acccount will be the next thing that gets deleted.

We are doing everything possible to protect or member from scams and scammers themselves. Violating our rules is grounds for account termintation.

So if you are a legitimate seller and have proof of the existence of your buisness and wish to sell to salehoo members . Then you need to register.


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