Local wholesaler near Atlanta, GA - shall I deal with them?

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28 Nov 07 03:14:18 am
I am wondering if any of you deal w/ wholesalers local to where you are. I am thinking about visiting a wholesale place in Atlanta so I can avoid shipping costs and since I am not too far from Atlanta. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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28 Nov 07 04:05:48 am
Well buying locally if you can have that advantage is awesome. You can view product before purchase and you can negotiate better deals with a local wholsaler vs one 1,000 miles away. Id say it wouldnt hurt to check it out.

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29 Nov 07 02:30:23 am
Well if you live anywhere near Atlanta, then you are in for a treat. Go visit Americasmart.
800/atl-mart. It's 3 stories of wholesale vendors, plus they have huge trade shows throughout the year.

You will need either a business licence, or a tax id. as it's not open to the general public.

But it's deifnately worth the trip..Plus most of the venders give away loads of samples if there is a trade show going on. Too, if there is a trade show going on during the time you plan to visit, you will probably want to plan for an overnight visit...

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1 Dec 07 05:08:07 pm
Americasmart is fantastic! If you can get to it in person without too much hassle it'll change the way you do this business, period.


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