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3 Jun 10 12:11:14 am
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody could possibly help me get started with dropshipping.. Become my tutor and help me earn.

I will pay 50% of what I earn.


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3 Jun 10 02:48:43 am
Hey hnaeem,

I noticed that fudjj and Richelle have PMd you about this concern (in your previous forum post). Don't hesitate to let us know about anything you cannot comprehend yet. We will be very glad to help. =) You may communicate with us through private messages should you wish to keep some of your info confidential.

I guess you can keep the 100%! :)

Kind regards,


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3 Jun 10 03:44:03 am
Hi Haris,

Paying you SaleHoo membership gets you the help you all the assistance to learn the business mate, you don't need to give anyone 50% of anything.

Just start firing questions and we'll return fire with some answers and as much advice and we can muster. It's always easier to respond to question rather than just ramble on, as our assistance can then be more tailored to suit your exact requirements.

I think a good place to start is what sort of products you are considering selling, or do you have anything in mind at all?

Mark (fudjj)

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