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Looking for business minded partners

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11 Dec 12 02:04:11 am
Hi fellow Salehooers (could that even be a properly spelled word for us?) My name is Daniel formerly from Chicago, IL & now in El Paso, TX for political and business reasons. The opportunities I offer will add to what you're currently making online and if you already have a network in place then this will add more value to it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.

The 1st opportunity is a new cell service that I am proud to have been a beta tester for that offers unlimited talk, text, and data for $49 or FREE. How this works is for every 3 people you refer to the NO contract service you get $20 per month for. If you have 9 people referred to the service you won't have to worry about your phone bill EVER! What's better is that should they invite their own 9 people they get their service for FREE & you get $60 extra in your pocket every month. Why stop there? Get 15 people or even 50 people and get paid for it. There is a one time $49 membership fee. If you're on the fence about this I will do this. Bring me 12 people & I'll pay you $5 for each of those persons & I'll also pay for your membership fee. Link hidden: Login to view

My second income opportunity is very dear to me as knocks 4 birds with 1 stone. You get healthy, earn $$$, join the fight against BIG PHARMA, & support alternative news media: Alex Jones' Infowars. If you're a "conspiracy theorist", against Big Pharma, the Global Elite's Eugenics Program, against GMOs in our foods or having Fluoride in our tap water, against Obama, or the Illuminati, Or you're not into politics BUT ARE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF HUMANITY in itself then this would be right up your alley. It costs $10.83 USD to join. infowarsteam.com/FDSP They hit major sectors such has Energy Drinks, Senior Citizens (Baby Boomers), Healthy Chocolate, Essential Oils, Mineral Make Up, & Gourmet Coffee. So anyone you know in Herbalife, Monavie, Trivita, Avon, Mary Kay, even avid Redbull & Gatorade users would benefit from this.

The 3rd opportunity is this: Link hidden: Login to view
This is another health related business but targets mainly on weight loss & the younger demographic.

The 4th and final opportunity hasn't even launched yet and is FREE to join. We launch on 1/8/13 & this deals with mental disorders/health. Independent Clinical Trials are being completed with positive results in ADD/ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Mental Fatigue, Autism, and Short Term Memory. There's a test pending on blood pressure from what I heard. You can visit qsciences.com and my Sponsor ID # is 10541. 1 of the main doctors from WebMD is overseeing or is a co-founder of this company.

You can visit my facebook page at solavei.danny (as this will act as a hub for all these 4 opportunities and make it easy for all the members in the group to interact, share ideas, and ask questions. I am a user of the first 3 opportunities and so far I am satisfied with the results of them. The 4th my father would have to try it out as I have none of the mental issues described (thank GOD).

Anyone interested? reply, email, or visit my FB page. Don't wait too long though...especially for opportunity #1. I have a limited time frame to even offer compensation of referrals.

Also anyone who joins in all 4 opportunities. I will provide 100 leads that are within 1.5 to 2 years old but still good that I haven't used yet. To help you out in case you don't have a big enough business/personal network yet.


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