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Making money with Home Parties

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21 Jul 07 09:57:35 pm
I've never been a fan of Home Parties as a way of selling goods. As I mentioned before, I have 3 daughters, 2 of whom sell on ebay and one who owns and runs a ladies boutique.

Well the one who runs the boutique has always had home parties about once a month to sell off stuff not really moving in her shop. She says that 'if you get a bunch of women together, someone is going to buy something'.

I never really considered doing it, even though I have a closet area in my home office area that has a bit of inventory that I wasn't selling for one reason or the other.

I normally have a cook-out about every other week for friends and family. This past weekend I was holding one for a friend who is going away. The weather was not really cooperating and it was raining off and on throughout the day.

Everyone was arriving with umbrella's and rain jackets, so I just told them to toss them somewhere in the office. Well one :lol: of the lady visitors saw and asked why I had a box full of wallets stacked against the wall. I told her it was part of a 'lot' of items that I had purchased to resale on ebay, and I had just never listed them.

Next thing I know, most of the women are in the office digging through all the stuff and asking 'How much for this'.

To make a long story short, I sold just about everything in the office for a total of $350. in about 15 minutes.... And in addition they asked me if I would be interested in having them and some more of their friends back over when I got some more stuff..

Not a bad days work considering I was having a beer with the guys while all of this was taking place.

So if any of you have some items that you couldn't move on ebay or wherever, you might want to give that a try. :P

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22 Jul 07 05:03:32 am
Hi there.. thanks for sharing ur story. :)
one day it might become a helpful info for me.


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