Making profit from liquidation

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10 Apr 15 05:52:23 am
Is buying things from liquidation worth it? will you make profit from selling on ebay?

Do you deal with liquidation companies?
do they work with ebay sellers?
do they do bulk?
how much? are they cheap
Also any in Australia? (as the shipping costs would be expensive to ship international especially from the USA to Australia)

Is it worth it investing in liquidation for ebay sellers? I am brand new to selling on ebay so wholeselling is out of the question as i really no money to spend at the moment.

Please help any advise. I came onto this site but all the wholesale is not for me as they work with people who have a store and usually they want you to spend a lot with them. I want to build up slow and make money and some income for myself like paying the bills most importantly.

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22 May 15 06:30:36 am
Hi Mark,

You have some very relevant questions on liquidators that I hope to answer below.

Is buying things from liquidation worth it?
-You’ve mentioned that you want to start slow and build up money. Then, selling from liquidation is one way for you to do this! By acquiring bulk purchases from liquidators and selling them on eBay, you will have an idea on which products sell well and which ones that doesn’t. The main advantage of a liquidation sale is that good quality, near-new or new merchandise is sold off very cheaply. Apart from that, it’s a good way of earning feedbacks from eBay buyers, reassuring that they can trust you as a seller.

Will you make profit from selling on ebay?
-Yes, if you treat it like a real business. The sellers who make money on eBay spend a lot of time doing market research, experimenting with different products, and looking out for special deals from suppliers. And some successful eBay sellers often use liquidators to get items for pennies on the dollar.

Do you deal with liquidation companies?
-Yes. SaleHoo has over 8,000 trusted and verified suppliers and you can filter your directory search results for Liquidators alone.

Do they work with ebay sellers?
-Yes. Liquidators can be great sources specially when you’re just starting out with eBay.

Do they do bulk?
-Yes. Liquidators usually require spending an enormous amount as they require bulk purchases.

How much? are they cheap
-Liquidators usually require spending $1,000+ but i suggest contacting them directly to get a better idea.

Also any in Australia?
-These are 2 liquidators in Australia:
Link hidden: Login to view ... 2909e1e91b
Link hidden: Login to view ... eea161133b

Hope this information helps.


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