Mechantinc & shopping cart questions

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6 Jan 09 12:03:21 am
Couple of questions.

I want to sign up for merchantic. Two things I do not see on it is the monthly fee and if they have a shopping cart included.

Guess I need to learn more about how this works as I have to get away from paypal as they have limited my account two times and held a ton of money both times. Each time I send them the info and they remove it, but it takes them sometimes 2 weeks to release my money which is crazy.

So is the merchant account and shopping cart two different things?

And is it hard to set it up for customers to use instead of paypal, as ebay info says that you have to send ebay the info on your merchant account to get it started. ???
Why do they need this info and what do they see?

One more question, what info does ebay see if you use a merchant account?
What does the customer see? As far as personal info etc.

I have never used a merchant account and do not know what the ebay sneaks and customer will see with a merchant account.

Appreciate the help.

Thank you.

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6 Feb 09 05:02:00 am
The fee for merchant Inc is around 2% much lower then paypal. Also the shopping cart is free unless you sign up for the deluxe and custom service where you can customized the whole cart. Then its $29 a month flat fee.

Overall this is 100 Times better then paypal. Way more secure then paypal. They wont freeze your account for some BS reason and when you have a dispute with a buyer you can actually dispute it. With paypal the buyer wins, No matter what.

All you have to do is supply your shopping cart payment link to your buyers in the auction instruction or your invoice. As far as using a merchant account over paypal. Most customers will consider you a professional if you have a merchant account. Only the die hard paypal morons will avoid your auctions.

You can if you want even link a paypal account and a google checkout with the shopping cart giving your buyers a bunch more options. If you have any more questions feel free to private message me I have done over 4 thousand transactions with Firstdata.

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