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Mexican salehoo Members help

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4 Nov 07 05:13:11 am

I am new here and I was wondering If any of you had problems with the customs here in Mexico because of the taxes or when anyone send you thing for UPS FEDEX etc.
the things that you order arrived to you'r house or go to the customs


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4 Nov 07 05:59:12 am
All Items must pass through customs. With fedex the only thing you have to provide is 3 copies of the invoice and they will handle the rest. There is one thing. Fed Ex works in zones. If you are out of thier zone. They will choose certain days of the month to go out of thier zone to deliver your item usually only 2 days out of each month.Meaning they will hold your items in thier location for a few weeks. I currently use Fedex to ship over 600 items a month. This is common practice for fedex.

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5 Feb 08 05:11:51 pm
Que rollo yo soy de Mexico, yo e importado desde China y te recomiendo que uses UPS creo que tiene a los mejores agentes aduanales porque cuando e importado por Fedex siempre pago muy altos los impuestos, la mercancia si pasa por aduana pero es como cuando vienes de regreso de los Estados Unidos hay semaforo si te toca verde pasa sin problema y no pagas impuesto si te toca rojo lo checan y si la factura que trae la caja coincide con lo que viene en el paquete te cobran impuestos (el 15%) sobre lo que venga declarado en la factura, si te lega directo a tu casa recuerda dar a la persona a la que le vas a comprar tus datos bien para que si hay algun problema UPS te llame y lo soluciones a lo mas lo que te pueden pedir es la factura de el producto tu la pides a la persona a la que le compraste y la imprimes y la puedes mandar por email o por fax a la persona de UPS que te atienda pero mientras no sean productos piratas o no coincida lo que dice la factura con lo que viene en la caja no debes de tener mayor problema recuerda siempre y cuando la cantidad no sea mayor a los $1000 dolares, como quiera te recomiendo que siempre estes al pendiente de rastrear la guia que te pasen, ojala te sirva lo que te digo y saludos.

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5 Feb 08 07:11:02 pm
Muchas gracias por la informacion la tendre en cuenta


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5 Feb 08 07:17:46 pm
English please so we all can understand!

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19 Feb 08 04:34:46 am
Hi everyone! another one from Mexico joining the community.

I would like to start to buy stuff from China. Have you used any supplier from China to send products to Mexico? Have you found a reliable one? could you share please :)

I am worried specially about replicas or fake products, which I´ve heard have lots of problems in customs...I would like to start doing business with I reliable supplier that sends you only original products...

I hope you can help me!


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25 Feb 08 03:49:01 am
I know it's not easy finding reliable suppliers. A lot of China sourcing sites post anybody who pays, so you have no way of knowing what you're getting into. . You'll have a better chance of finding better-than-average suppliers at Link hidden: Login to view. (They visit all their advertisers beforehand...so chances are you'll be sourcing from a real company, not a mailbox.) Buena suerte!

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4 Aug 08 02:46:57 pm
Hi paisanos!

I'm from Mexico too, and want to import some things from globalsourcesdirect.com, but they use DHL, I asked them but they dont ship using UPS, so my question is, someone has used DHL to Mexico? and it is good about taxes and such as UPS?

Thank you in advanced

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