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1 Aug 07 12:34:26 pm
What is moneybookers like for using as a prefered payment method?

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2 Aug 07 05:36:32 am
Hmm read some of these and you decide. I think Not

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Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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2 Aug 07 09:30:33 am
Thanx Jimmy, I was just looking for a cheaper way than Paypal to accept payment. Guess that's not gonna happen soon.
Sure we'll wait and see what Google has up it's sleeve.

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3 Aug 07 12:52:58 pm
Are You Fearful of PayPal and StormPay? Link hidden: Login to view

If you have been online for any period of time, you either ARE, or KNOW someone who has had an account 'frozen' and their funds seized by either PayPal or Stormpay, usually with little explanation or reason given.

This recently happened to me because I sent and received funds from an affiliate program that paid commissions on multiple levels (multi-level, MLM, network marketing).

If you participate in ANY program like this and you are sending them money or receiving money from them through PayPal or Stormpay, you are at risk of having your funds held from you without any further cause. Scary, isn't it? Don't wait around until it happens to you. MOVE YOUR MONEY.

If you're like many people, you want a better and safer online payment alternative. It's an even bigger bonus if that company pays you, and is certified secure by VeriSign, and a member of the BBB OnLine Reliability Program.

A Canadaian company thats been around for 2 years
and growing. Good comunication...

John ( bacpro)

J Baca

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3 Aug 07 03:15:37 pm
Many years ago, our company used Moneybookers as one of our payment ways but finally we gave up.

their service is not good compared to Paypal

3 years ago, there are a lot of payment ways but now only Paypal survives. all the other ways are dead or dying.

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17 Aug 07 06:23:02 pm
Maybe you should take a closer look at those posts and see who is claiming to be scammed by Moneybookers. ToS violations, Ponzi schemes, etc. Why you would trust anything posted somewhere like TalkGold or MMG in the first place is a mystery. MB is an excellent payment service, especially for non-Paypal countries. They've been in business for years.

The myth that PP is the only option is the only reason why they're so huge; as expensive and shitty as their service is people wouldn't use it if they were better familiarised with alternatives.


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29 Aug 07 09:22:09 am
Agreed Moneybookers is better. Alot more people need to get familiar with these quickly.

But Googlepay is the only one that will finally smash out Paypal. I expect Googlepay to be released shortly.

When it is I expect the turnover rates to begin, and the competition against Paypal to get fierce finally.


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