Monthly income - how much to expect in total sales?

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19 Nov 10 10:42:51 am
Hello.. Im a newbie in drop shipping..
I was just wondering.. How much is the average income you guys have on you sites/ebay?
Im starting up a webstore.. and i will promote this the best way i can.. hopefully with products that are expensive in norway so i can get a good profit from it.
Just wondering how much i may expect in total sales?
Hard question and it depends on many factors... but u guys have any idea?

Thanks for replies! :)

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22 Nov 10 12:38:08 am
Hi dawg97,

Interesting question, but as you have mentioned, there can be several aspects that contribute to the success of any business. I am not sure how many people would be willing to disclose their earnings, the way they won't disclose their favorite suppliers. :) And the thing is, even if we do receive answers, there is no way for us to know the real figures. And it also helps to realize that there are resellers that started out with dropshipping and shifted to wholesale/liquidation. There are also those who use this method in combination with these other types of suppliers.

I have to end my piece that someone would be willing to disclose, though, and so we wait. :) Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Take care.


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22 Nov 10 11:20:04 pm
Irene's right dawg97, it would be of some difficulty to find someone who would be willing to disclose their earnings. And you yourself said that it depends on many factors..

And it does, so it would be hard and unfair to give you even an average amount. Monthly sales these days are just too erratic, location, currency exchange rates, shipping, marketplace, customer needs and supplier types are among the many factors that can affect a seller's monthly income. Once person's average may not necessarily be that of another.



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