Most Users Online- Coming Sunday 20th August!

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16 Aug 06 03:22:36 am
Hi Guys!

A few SaleHoo members have written to us to requesting we see how many users we could get on the forum at one time. We decided to take the idea a little further and get some prizes together and sort it all out in an orderly fashion! After weeks of deciding what day and time to run this we have come up with the most workable time for most people around the globe!

The Date and Time is: .....drum roll please......

1700hrs (5pm) on Sunday 20th August - California, USA

Other main location times are:
- 1900hrs (7pm) on Sunday 20th August - Texas, USA
- 2000hrs (8pm) on Sunday 20th August - New York, USA
- 0100hrs (1am) on Monday 21st August - London, UK
- 0800hrs (8am) on Monday 21st August - Singapore, Singapore
- 1000hrs (10am) on Monday 21st August - Sydney, Australia
- 1200hrs (12pm) on Monday 21st August - Auckland, New Zealand

To find this time is your local area you can click on this link:

Link hidden: Login to view and enter
the California time and date then select your location.

Everyone that is online at this time will go into a draw for some
fantastic prizes including MP4 players, Diesel Watches, D&G
Clothing, Digital Cameras and SaleHoo Merchandise.

Make sure you put it in your diary and be there!

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18 Aug 06 04:12:08 am
GREAT IDEA!!! thought you would try to make it a little more inviting by perhaps making it in the afternoon (NZ TIME)... great idea though! CAN U SAY HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ONLINE WHEN DONE?

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18 Aug 06 06:42:49 am
Sure can. Sorry it was hard to pick a time to suit the whole world :) hehe

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18 Aug 06 07:19:03 am
cool 8)

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18 Aug 06 07:50:09 pm
I will agree that in reality you cant please everyone. I will try to make it but we will c what happens. Good idea and thanks for rewarding people for there efforts. Its nice to see a company actualy giiving back to its members.

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20 Aug 06 09:13:28 am
sorry guys ive been away. my computer crapped out and i lost EVERYTHING!!!!

Over 200 websites and stuff with 2 years of business all gone!

Ill try and be online tomorrow at the above time if work aint too busy!!! oh how i miss it here!!!


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