My experience trying to find suppliers

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17 Feb 10 02:58:41 am
hi all,

over the last 2 weeks i have looked for suppliers, mainly electronics and clothing and all i have managed to find is a bunch of f********** scammers.

that's right, it is so frustrating.

nothing and no one i came across was genuine, all replicas.

don't listen to them when they say 100% authentic and real, because it's not.

and it's getting worse and worse.

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3 Mar 10 12:40:43 am
Thanks for sharing your experience ausware :)

Sadly, it's true most suppliers offering brand name products especially electronic products and clothing are not selling genuine items rather just A class copies. That is why most brand name owners like Nike will only sell their products through their own stores or selected authorized dealers. Which makes it even harder for us to scout out suppliers for the highly sought after brands as most authorized dealers do not sell at wholesale.

Anyone else want to share an experience or tip, please do so..

Cheers! :)


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16 Mar 10 02:28:44 am
Thanks for sharing this.

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16 Mar 10 04:04:44 am
Not much I could add to that, everything written here is absolutely true. The market in fakes is growing year by year, but that is being fulled by an overwhelming demand for cheap brand name products.

Asia still leads the way in the fake trade, mainly China, but other countries are doing their best to catch up sadly.

It's only going to keep increasing as long as growing numbers wanting the impossible keep turning towards countries like China to find it. Everytime someone decides to sell black market products, it has the effect of tightening up legitimate sourcing avenues as the suppliers lock down their supply avenues to protect their brands.

If people stopped selling fake items tomorrow, the trade in fakes would be dead inside a week and legitimate brand name sourcing avenues would actually open to cater for the market, but that's all too simple lol

Mark (fudjj)

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31 Mar 10 08:47:07 am
The biggest issue I am having is trying to find a way to ship items within the USA when I myself am a UK resident. All the major couriers, FEDEX, UPS etc require a US credit card. I cannot obtain a US credit card because I am not a US resident, driving me mad!!!!


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