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Need advice on what type of products to sell

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7 Dec 09 01:13:29 am
l have been searching for something to sell but can't find anything. I've been doing my research with eBay and have not come up with anything to sell. Can anyone give me some ideas please, it would be very helpful. When l think l found something, either a lot of people are already selling it or it does not sell at all. So can someone please give me some ideas.

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7 Dec 09 01:37:00 am
Hi Catherine,

Here are some products we have found to have good profit margins:

Clothing: accessories, plus sizes, maternity, night wear
Beauty: sunscreen, insect repellent, cosmetic & toiletry bags, men's grooming
Vacation-related items: swimsuits, sunblock
Homewares: towels, sheets, rugs, throws, cushions, vases, mirrors
Special occasion: wedding supplies, party supplies, mother-of-the bride outfits, bridal shoes, birthday cards
Accessories for electronics
Crafts & hobby items
Sporting goods
Computers & computer parts
Auto & motorbike
Unique items

Finding a product with a high profit margin usually means finding a niche market. One of the best ways of doing this is just by selling some stuff from around the house that you no longer need any more. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked. Everyone makes mistakes when they start out and it’s best to get some practice – to find out what sells best – before you start investing in inventory and selling seriously.

After some practice with goods from around the home, then you can start buying small wholesale lots of products. One idea is to sell very ordinary, everyday items, products that most people use on a daily basis. Many of these are excellent sellers, plus they are fairly easy to get hold of.

At first, sales may be slower as you get to know your market, but in the long term, you’ll be able to target your market much more precisely and reduce the chance of having stock on your hands that you can’t shift.

It's also a good idea to keep tabs on what is happening in the news if you want to pick up on new trends. The trick is to analyze what you hear and read for product opportunities. For example, is global warming causing water restrictions in your area? Good products to sell might include garden hose timers, low-pressure shower heads, water purifiers and so on.

If you haven't yet, check out our blog and free education area for other ideas on what to sell.

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8 Dec 09 11:30:06 pm
sayta how are u thanks for ur help. l had a look and done more research the only thing l came up with is pet products what do u think about that still not sure so want to get more advise

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9 Dec 09 12:17:20 am
Hi Catherine,

This is actually one of the hardest stages to get by - deciding what to sell, but I'm sure you'll find the right product!

Are you familiar with niche products? Here are blog posts I came across which may help you with your search of products.

Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view

All the best! Cheers :)


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9 Dec 09 12:46:56 am
They say to sell what you like or love. But a way to see if something sells is to do a Completed listings check on ebay. Also if you look at something you love doing you can branch off that. Example is computers. You can branch off in to software or hardware etc. Then from there you branch off like in to kids software like music or branch off in to computer memory for hardware. You can use this in really anything you want to sell. The more percise you get the better chance someone will buy and not just look. I hope i help you.

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9 Dec 09 05:38:57 am
Hi Catherine,

Ezbargins has given you some great tips and the links provided above should keep you busy! :) There is definitely a wealth of information here in the forum and if you find yourself still with a lot of questions, there's the staff and other members who are always willing to help out.

Pet products is a good market but I would also recommend doing a Completed Listings Search for a specific pet product that you are interested in selling to check your competition and to see how well it sells on eBay.

To do a Completed Listings Search, just click on the Advanced Search link beside the Search button. Green means sold and red, unsold. Note the sell-through rate and the average selling price. This is important because the wholesale price needs to be at least 20% lower than the retail price in order for you to make money.

Below are some of our verified and highly recommended suppliers of pet products.

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Link hidden: Login to view
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Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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11 Dec 09 12:00:08 pm
Heys guys, I am in the same boat. I am a full time student and a stay at home mom so I want to do this as a second income. Until I become established and gain more feedback and also sales I will have to really consider dropshipping. And I have found mixed feelings about dropshipping an it makes me so hesitant about using anyone. I have found a couple of suppliers so I think I am going to try and start with samll popular itmes then work my way up to bigger items. And I thought about it and one good way to build up feedback the quickest would be to clean out my closets and sell things lying around my home then start with other sources. Good Luck everyone!


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