Need good suppliers to deal with and product ideas to sell

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28 Jan 16 10:53:13 pm
Hey Gang,

I need additional income now. I have an urgency and would like to put a request out to anyone that has a supplier that is really good and a product that is great as well. I don't have a lot of time for trial and error. What success are you having? Please share. Thanks for any help!

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29 Jan 16 05:04:08 am
Hi Bryan,

The Link hidden: Login to view gives you successfully sold product ideas that you could sell as well. You could also sell items that people use on a daily basis, keeping in mind specific niches. For example: plus sizes for clothing, microwave racks for kitchen category, men's grooming, video game controllers, or even DSLR accessories.

If you've found your specific niche, let us know by sending us an email at Link hidden: Login to view so we can help find suitable suppliers for you.

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2 Mar 16 02:49:00 pm
Please visit us online via our website for more details on this stock offer as well as many other brand name items available for sale. Your will need to create a buyers account to gain access. Link hidden: Login to view. Or you can email to us directly at Link hidden: Login to view.

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19 Sep 16 03:38:55 am
Hi Bryan,

I understand you are excited to come up with your own business online and sensing your drive to sell is very inspiring! :) In addition to the inputs here, building up your business is a beautiful process of learning. You, as the overall director, has all the say in it. In choosing the right product to sell, you can either check which are the in demand products now or you can go for products you are mostly interested at.

If you go for the in demand products, of course, there would be more competition as current sellers are most likely selling it already. So, you can go find a good supplier for you to compete with the current marketplace. Or, you can also find a niche for that particular product so you can have your own market share.

If you go for products of your interest then, you can shorten the research and development process since you yourself is already a market of your product and you would know firsthand how to capture your market. And you will have stock knowledge and experience already with the product as it is of your liking. The major step here is to find the right supplier for you.

You may also read this article on finding a supplier. Link hidden: Login to view

Best of luck to all of us here :)




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