Need help in finding a merchant account

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5 Mar 10 02:25:01 am
I need a merchant account that is free if possible, doesn't suspend your account or freeze your account like paypal. and not to worry about charge back. It seem charge back and western union is about same. when some one really wants your money or item.


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6 Mar 10 04:05:38 pm
There is no such thing as a free merchant account.

There is no such thing as a merchant account that 'doesn't worry' about charge backs.

As a matter of fact, these two factors are tied to one another in a way that suggests that the thing for which you think you are looking doesn't exist: the less emphasis a merchant solution places on chargeback and transaction integrity, the higher the fee is; conversely, one of the only ways to get super-super-low fee merchant accounts is to have a relatively pristine history when it comes to chargebacks and fraud.


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6 Mar 10 09:10:18 pm
Frank has summed that one up in a nut shell, so I'll go and have some breakfast instead : )

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9 Mar 10 07:09:17 pm
@ raraz: I've noticed you have posted this concern or similar ones in more than one thread/category in our forum. Why are you so stressed over this? Is there a particular reason for you to be overly concerned about chargebacks?

It is a bit of a risk for all businesses these days, but if your products & services are good, you shouldn't get too many or any chargebacks at all. Also, try avoiding electronics and luxury items (like Guess jeans) as these product category seems to get more scammers.

@fudjj: You back now? Hope you're doing better :)



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