Need help shipping small products on eBay

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3 Jun 14 09:07:18 pm

I need help with shipping small items on eBay. Usually they weight less than 13 ounces. What is the best and cheapest shipping method for instance an item that weights 7 ounces. It can fit in a yellow bubble wrap envelope. My problem is the people are offering free shipping for an item that sell for 2.75$. I would to know where could I get a good shipping rate

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3 Jun 14 10:23:52 pm
I'm new here but wanted to reply.

Where are you currently paying for your shipping? I''ve always used eBay directly or Paypal shipping to pay for USPS First Class shipping because they provide a pretty good discount that you can't get directly through the USPS website. But the lowest I pay for shipping is for a 3 oz package and that's 1.93.

Consider a couple of things.
1) Try to find a site the gives you a discount on your postage costs. (I use Paypal shipping or eBay directly).
2) Items priced so low are a lot of work for very little profit. Is it worth your time and energy to sell it? Unless you are selling them as a hobby or buying them for a few pennies each, there won't be a lot of profit in it.
3) How you package the item can have a big impact on the weight. Shaving an ounce or two of the shipping weight can have a impact on the price (and I can find poly mailers and large rolls of bubblewrap for cheaper total shipping costs than those yellow bubble wrap mailers).

Michael Sears
Got Your Wants, Bloomington, Illinois

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4 Jun 14 12:12:35 am
Some good advice from owner, but what you also have to consider is that the other sellers may well be sourcing the item's cheaper, allowing them to build free shipping into the price. It's not always so black and white unfortunately.

Mark (fudjj)

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