Need high profit margin for new beginner in eBay?

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18 Oct 13 07:07:55 am
Hi, This Clarence here and need help and advice where I'm trying make money in ebay and has been 2 week try selling anything but not make any sale? \Which high profit margin product that I'm can selling in ebay and make money with it?

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19 Oct 13 03:19:59 am
its not that simple bro.
you have to do your research, find something you know something about, see what price people are selling it at on ebay and see if you can find it cheaper. if you can't find a supplier that gives you the profit margin your looking for then maybe you should try another product.

sometimes it can take hours or even days or longer to find the right product that you can sell for a profit, the key is to bring value to the market and people will buy, if the product is cheaper or better somewhere else you will never get sales.

my suggestion to you is try china. you wait a wile to get your items but they are hard to beat on price just make sure you get generic items (no brand names).

also maybe high profit margins are not so easy, you could try low profit high volume sales. takes longer to get there but its more consistent in the long run.

I'm really sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know, I don't normally give advice.

good luck!

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20 Oct 13 02:46:29 am
Thank you rayleguen for this information

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28 Oct 13 05:23:15 am
Hello Clarence,

Ray has just pointed you towards the right direction! Due diligence is a MUST and is NOT optional. You have to do market research and a lot of it before finding a really good niche to sell - This is normally tedious and will take a lot time but if done correctly you will enjoy the benefits of your long hours of researching!

Other than eBay you can check social media channels for keywords/products that are trending or being repeated mentioned. You can also check you own shopping list, oftentimes other people will want or a looking to buy the same products. When chatting with friends be vigilant for discussions talking a bout certain products or brands.

If this will be y our first time selling on eBay then starting out by selling things from around your own home would be a good idea. As it allows you to experiment with your market with no to little financial risk since you are selling your old things.

Hope this helps!

@Ray: Welcome and your tips were very helpful indeed! :)


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30 Oct 13 03:03:09 am
Hi Clarence
You can do some research at www. this is in R/T is real time, it covers world wide eBay sales live and watch count. this will give you some sight in the way you should go, this will help you with keywords/products or try google adwords. If you have one item for sale and you don't sell that item in 4-8 days you better stop and look to see what is wrong with your keywords. You also can look up SEO.

Thank You


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