Need info on truck load buys

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9 Nov 07 05:36:47 am
Hi everyone, im looking into buying a truck load of electronics. Is there anything i need to know like special req. in my business i need to know about? I'm new to all this. Is 4ooo produces to much for a beginner? I was thinking of putting the 24 pallets into a 44' by 12' storage site and taking say a hundred mp3's home and pack there. Also whats a ball park figure on shipping from up north U.S. to texas (if you can anyways)? So if anyone has some helpful info on large bulk lots let me know. Thanks alot everyone.

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11 Nov 07 12:53:58 am
I would have to say be very careful with electronics, especially if they are returns. Maybe just try a pallet or lot to see how the sellers merchandise is, make sure to ask them plenty of questions before you make a purchase. If your going through a liquidator as I assume you will the sales reps usually don't mind answering a few questions that you have for them, if they get uptight about it I would try somewhere else. Find out the best info you can like the % of damaged goods that would be expected in the load, what items you can expect to get in the load and so on.

Hope I was of some help and good luck, JD


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