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Need your help in starting out a profitable business quickly

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4 Aug 08 07:29:15 pm
Hi, I totally understand this is a very different question from the usual but I'm at my wits end and thought someone might be able to give me some help that would get me immediate, sure fire, action.
Please note that this is not a begging letter. I'm asking for genuine help to get me off the ground quickly, in almost the impossible circumstances.
My daughter, who is 30, has just been told she has about 3 months to live. She lives with us; she had to give up her house and job because she has been so poorly. Yet, we couldn’t get anyone to listen to us about how ill she was. She also has a 9-year-old boy that needs taking care of too. For her to have any chance of living we have to raise Ten thousand pound in next 3 months to pay for a team that will operate to remove the brain tumor; which at the moment is crushing her brain stem, which controls our breathing.
We have spent our resources in trying to get to the root of what was wrong and now feel totally devastated at this news and trying to find a way of earning it.
I don't want to go round asking for money because if there is a genuine way I can earn it or get near to it, that is what I would rather do.
I am extremely embarrassed asking for this help but don't know what else to do.
This is a real plea for help and I can get a letter off the specialist to prove this situation if anyone doesn't think I am being honest, which I truly understand as there are lots of people ripping you off.
I have been involved with Salehoo for some time now and requested information. I have been working from home for a while now, my daughter has been so ill I have had to stop working in my own business; because with the business I ran I had to stay away from home some of the time. So Jimmy has been sending regular information and newsletter and I've set up my accounts and everything, but in light of this new information I need something that will build, big, quickly. Without much capital, because as I have mentioned, all my resources have been used up, looking after my daughter and her son and trying to find out what was wrong with her.
Please will someone help me? I will do any amount of work and will try anything, legal of course.
Also, I'm not sure I'm posting this in the correct place so if I need some help with that I would genuinely appreciate that help too.
Sorry to be any trouble or inconvenience to anyone. You never think this will happen to you, It's like something you read about happening in someone else's life; not that I am wishing this for anyone else because that's not what I'm meaning.
Just to quickly add I will work day and night for any help anyone will give me. I only have one daughter and want to do everything in my power to try and give her the chance to live longer.
Thank you for all who have read my post and I'm grateful for anyone who will give me a little time to help me.

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7 Aug 08 04:05:11 am
Have you tried taking a loan or talking to a charity about her case?

I don't mean to sound rude but this forum will not be a good place to raise funds for your daughter. Fortunately $10,000 isn't too much so you should be able to find a charity or loan that can help you out.

Also, you need to approach people in person because there is so much fraud on the internet no one trusts these type of stories. I for example have gotten emails on 3 similar situations in the last month from nigerian scammers trying to dupe people into wiring money to Africa to save their sick 'wife, son, husband daughter etc...'

As for raising the money...with 3 months I would say you are too close to your deadline to just start up an internet business, you need to start fund raisers and talk to your local charities and churches. Good luck to you and I am very sorry about your situation.

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7 Aug 08 04:54:41 am
I dont know if there is much that can build big with out much capitol. Many endeavors require a good source of funds to build a business from little to nothing.

I would agree with tim. There are many charities that would help you in fund raising for your cause. Im not sure where your located but there is always some kind of assistance you can get.

I would recommend you contact:
Your Church or a Church in your community. (They can advise you or help you in fundraising)
Your Hospital (ask for information relating to medical assistance programs)
Your Police Department ( they can guide you to someone that is familiar with some form of public welfare and community health programs.

There is a much better way then just raising the money yourself. You just need to find the help within your local community.

One thing I know about my community is I see many cans for donations all over the place from every cash register in town to every gas station and to every resturant in town there is always a can to donate to a good cause. You would be surprised how quickly funds can be put together in this manner.

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7 Aug 08 05:01:35 am
might want to check these sites out too.
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13 Aug 08 04:12:40 pm
I assume you are in the UK talking about needing 10 thousand pound.
Dont know whats available there but in U.S. there are many University or teaching hospitals. Most have research programs where they will take your case to help for the teaching research they get from it. At no cost to you. Brain stem and spinal cord research is a top priority in U.S. I know from experience.(wont go into it here). Check with any teaching hospitals you can find. Hope this helps.



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