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New and need help growing and planning my business

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2 Nov 13 09:57:48 am
Hello Everyone and Anyone,
I have come to salehoo.com in search of a way to grow or expand out of my current eBay store. On my eBay store I was using Dhgate.com which worked well for me, but I wanted to expand and get higher sales. Not knowing where to go I ended up on this site. My goal is to increase my income either by buying wholesale and reselling or by drop shipping. Ideally, drop shipping would be the best idea. I do not have much money to invest and would prefer to have many products with little inventory. At the same time I want to make a profit instead of be negative.

The questions I have are...
Can you be profitable with drop shipping?

What products are usually effective while drop shipping?

Are there any drop shippers that do not have a starting fee?

Should I sell items on my current eBay account or create a online store?

What are some ideas of product to get started?

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2 Nov 13 11:05:36 pm
Those are all my questions too! I hope to get more answers, because going through the training is only making me confused :-)

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3 Nov 13 04:56:40 pm
Looks like you are reading my mind with those questions lol. I too would like to know.

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3 Nov 13 10:47:24 pm
OK, let's see about getting some answers down for all three : )

1. Can you be profitable with drop shipping?

Well the short answer is yes of course, I'm sure there will be plenty on here that make money through
drop shipping. Of course it is a very competitive market, especially on an open market site such as an eBay, so research is key. You need to
clearly identify products, your competition and the right suppliers to give yourself the best possible chance.

2. What products are most effective while drop shipping?

It's not really about which product is most effective with drop shipping in particular. No matter if you drop ship or retail through a wholesale
model, a popular product is still a popular product no matter what the supply avenue is. What is important is being competitive with the

3. Charging an admin fee or an account fee by drop shippers is becoming more common. That said, there are still those that do not charge. You
really have to balance the value for money and service you get from either one. Just because they charge an upfront fee doesn't make them a
bad choice. Check their prices and service against suppliers that don't charge and then you will be better placed to know what the best option
to go with is.

4. Should I sell items on my current eBay account or start a new store?

If you're just starting out with a few products, then there is no real value in taking on a stores format through eBay.

5. What are some ideas to get started?

Well if you're just getting started on eBay we always suggest that starting with things around the house is a great way to get going. Things
you no longer use can generate you some spare cash and get you started with some good feedback very effectively.

Mark (fudjj)

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