New and trying to figure a couple things out.

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20 Sep 07 06:04:08 am
Just became a member today and I'm trying to understand a couple things. Don't know if this is the place to post or not. First of all is there like a getting started guide? Second when I was reading about this service it said that I could sell items on ebay and the supplier would ship directly to the customer. Are there certain suppliers that do this or do all suppliers do it? How can I get started doing this cause from everything I've looked at so far it looks like I have to buy the product before I can sell it on ebay. Third when I look at the suppliers it says to quote salehoo when contacting them. Do I have to contact them to get their products for a cheaper price or is the price on the site the lowest price you get?

Like I said sorry if I posted in the wrong place, I'm just trying to get a feel for how this all works.

Thanks in advance,

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21 Sep 07 01:48:47 am
Hello and welcome..You should first click the button at the top of this page: 'EDUCATION'.
When you do that there are a list of tutorials that will help you get start on the right path..

Click on each heading and read through the material, it will explain most of your questions and also give you lots of helpful tips..

Especially pay close attention to the first listing: 'Finding & Sourcing'...

And alway visit us here in the forum if you need any specific help or ideas..

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21 Sep 07 02:02:17 am
Hey Paul..I forget to answer your main questions..sorry, it's been a long day...

Yes, some suppliers will 'dropship' your item directly to your customers..and of course they are called 'dropshippers'..You list the product on ebay,,your customer buys it. You send a notice to the dropshipper and they ship the item to your customer...Alot of new sellers like this approach as it eliminates the need to purchase products before you actually sell them, plus you dont have to physically ship the item yourself..

Next, Yes, normally most wholesalers like for you to set up an account to buy from them..And often a person who has an account set up with a particular wholesaler will get a better price than the prices listed on the site..More than often when you set up an account with a wholesaler, they will assign a sales rep to handle your account. This is the main person that you will be dealing with. They normally have leaway in setting the prices at which different products cost and will often work with you depending on how often and how many items you intend to purchase...

All that being said,,it's important to take your time and research any product that you intend to sell and also any company that you intend to do business with...So take some time, read over the educational material,,research some products and suppliers, plan you move, then move your plan..

Remember 'To be Sucessful, Copy Success!'

If you need anything else, just give me a yell, I'm always glad to help...good luck..


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