New member here - where do I begin?

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27 Jun 12 07:13:43 pm
Hi, I just signed up with SALEHOO today and I am a little overwhelmed on how to begin. I am interested in dropshipping & setting up an on-line store thru SALEHOO. Any advice would be SO helpful. Thank you so much!

Jennifer H.

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28 Jun 12 12:48:10 am
Firstly, welcome :)

Starting out can be daunting, but there is always plenty of support here for you. My suggestion is to spend as much time as possible reading, go through the forum, plenty is useful information here and you can also read through the guides you'll find in our Education section.

I wouldn't be too worried about establishing any sort of selling platform just yet, get all the information you can under your belt first, from there making a choice as to where and what you want t sell will be a lot easier.

Mark (fudjj)

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28 Jun 12 05:13:46 am
Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to SaleHoo! I have just sent you a long email message to help you in setting up your SaleHoo Store. I also provided info on how dropshipping works. Kindly check your inbox. :) You may reply to my message at support or post any questions here if you need more help.

Take care. :)


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8 Jul 12 12:44:54 pm
I'm new hear too...First thing I did was registered my online business with the website,got my tax id aka EIN...

Then just do random searches for dropshippers and wholesalers, find the suppliers you find interesting and save them to favorites... Open a salewoo store and slowly work on adding products to it. That's what I do everyday,try and find relevant products. Another thing I did was register a domain name for my store.. when you sign up for store,they suggest some cheap domain buying sites...I haven't got into promoting my store just yet,still adding products...but I will advertise on youtube once it's ready.. been posting on facebook and twitter now though... Also eBay is probably faster to sell stuff but website is better cause no fees,I also linked my ebay on website to offer auction deals to my customers on select items. I start the ebay items a bit lower to get customers,if they want to buy from website they can too. also adwords is good too,I'm using that too. But I'm on the manual funding,so I make a payment to adwords once funds run out,they stop running my ads till I make another payment. I wouldn't put it on automatic cause they might charge too much for ads...

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