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17 Feb 08 01:58:34 pm
hi my name is darryl from the land of oz (queensland) and i just joined a couple hours ago just read some forums some good quotes there i have been selling on ebay for abuot 3 moths now and had some good results and some bad so far this year i have made about $200 and just wondering if any body else is feeling the pinch of not many sales i have 100% feedback from my customers and i don't know why everything has slowed down also have a website Link hidden: Login to view have a look and give me your honest feedback have had website for 2 months and have'nt made one sale not even a question so if some one can have a look for me and give me some advice as to generate more taffic to this site wolud be forever in your debt as for the person looking for 925 sterling silver jewellery go to google and type in ladystreets they have very good prices aswell as 925 silver good quality good price anyway talk soon
cheers darryl

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27 Feb 08 10:59:02 pm
Thanks for tip. And now about your site. Your pictures are Small and unclear. You do not have FAQ and privacy page, no certification whatsoever to make me secure by buying from you.
Your top and side bars are almost unreadible....and you have to promote your site when done. However, I would not promote it before you invest some more work in getting it to look better and adding some pages (FAQ, About US, Privacy etc)....

There is lots of advice out there about this topics. However, congratulation on taking the step and getting so far.

Hope this helps


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