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New To SaleHoo and Online Business

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4 Oct 10 06:05:07 am
Hello fellow Salehoo members,

My name is Anthony, I am 19 and reside in Sydney, Australia. I am new to the whole idea of online business but I am very entrepreneurial minded and I am looking forward to having my own online business, I hope to meet many new people and make many contacts, I guess I am just introducing myself to you all to say hello and try to put myself out there and try to network. I was just wondering if I could please get any hints, tips, advice or good websites where I can continue my research and learning from people like myself who have started with nothing and who have made sales and had online selling experience.

email: amaurici@live.com
skype: anthony.maurici619

Would love to meet and communicate with as many people as possible and I wish everyone all the best.

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4 Oct 10 12:09:46 pm
A warm welcome amaurici :)

I'm sure you'll find a handful of tips, guides as well as very helpful experts on SaleHoo.

Just keep in mind, to stay away from deadlines rather set goals to aim for. This will help keep your interest at an all time high! Setting deadlines will only lead to frustration and despair.

Also start small (and simple)! You can try selling a few of your things from around your home - no significant capital is needed yet you get the practice you need as well as build feedback. When you start investing money choose products that you are passionate about - it will be much easier to sell products you are interested in and know about.

Please take the time to download our guides in the guide section, Link hidden: Login to view and do read the articles in our Education section too!

Take advantage of the knowledge our forum has to offer by simply using the 'search in the forum' tab and you'll find posts worth reading, like these:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

And if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us at support@salehoo.com

Hope this helps! :)


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4 Oct 10 08:33:18 pm
Hi anthony, I'm Marc from Brisbane, nice to have you on-board!

As Richelle as highlighted, plenty of information on the forum for you to get your teeth into, and always plenty of us around to help out when needed, so just yell out anytime : )

Mark (fudjj)

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4 Oct 10 10:11:13 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, Anthony! It's great to have you here. Richelle and Marc have pretty much said it all so just post here or email us at support if you need any help at all.


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11 Nov 10 04:39:38 am

I am new as well and trying to learn all the ins and out of starting your own business.

Anyway, here are some articles I found on the internet. I am not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for but hopefully it will inspire you.

Its about startup fever and millionaire by the age of 25.

Link hidden: Login to view

Link hidden: Login to view

good luck.


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11 Nov 10 05:07:19 am
@ Anthony: Nice to have you here! Let us know if you need any help.

@ ALiChic: Thanks for sharing! Great links about entrepreneurship and inspiring stories of young people getting their first millions. :)


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