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Newbie's eBay account restricted due to unmet standards

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2 Aug 16 09:26:05 pm
So how can you still stay on top of the game if you are banned from eBay from selling. Account gets restricted for not selling a lot of merchandise. The message below is what I have been sent today.

We want to let you know that you haven’t met the minimum requirements to sell on eBay and your seller level is Below Standard in the US program. As such, you won't be able to list and sell items on eBay anymore.

Selling standards are in place to ensure that sellers deliver a great customer experience to their buyers. They measure whether buyers were satisfied with your items and your customer service.

When you don’t meet the minimum requirements for selling, you are creating experiences that erode confidence and drive buyers away.

If you had any active listings, they've now been ended, and any selling fees paid for those items will be credited to you.

My question is, how are you eroding confidence and driving buyers away when you are barely online selling? What if you have a full time job already or you might be experiencing financial crisis? Very inconsiderate of them but as long as they are charging their outrageous fees, everything is ok.

So, what other platforms or selling avenue should you take that can make up for eBay? Is there still a chance or hope?

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against eVay but to me it's just a lot of BS.

I love to sell. I even would love to definitely quit my boring night job but right now, it's not that easy. I love going to emails and reading from you guys about how much someone made or they have just quite their job. Haha! That's what I'm striving for. That's the inspiration to only work a couple of hours a day and still make what you would make or more without even thinking about it.

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3 Aug 16 12:28:56 am
Hi Christopher,

That's not about selling too little, there are no minimum selling requirements. What that relates to is your DSR, you ratings. Essentially, your ratings have slipped below the minimum requirements set and that is what has caused the cancellation. Do you recall what your DSR ws across the board?

In relation to other selling platforms, Amazon would certainly be the biggest one to go with. That said, you can certainly try to contact eBay and see if there is any way to have the cancellation reversed. I have to say that eBay usually aren't that easy to deal with in this situation, they operate by some pretty hard and fast rules and don't often bend them, but it costs nothing to try.

Mark (fudjj)

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9 Aug 16 09:27:13 pm
thats why i stopped cuz of there crazy fee's i'm on a fixed income can't afford there fee's

carolyn a gaza

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