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On board loade trepidations, excitement and aspirations!

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12 Mar 07 04:40:41 pm
Hi everyone,

This is Ashwin from India. Just joined in yesterday and Man, am I thrilled?

Getting a membership to this community was just one of those things I had to do as a part of the marathon legwork I had to indulge in just so that I would do enough justice to my new-about-to-be-formed retail biz. Research, Research!

I, for one, have decided the legal structure of my biz for starters, my wholesalers and other suppliers will be taken care off thanks to Salehoo. However, it is not these things that eat me up everyday. I still haven't figured which product I need to be associated with. I had thought of electronics but then, like everyone had mentioned earlier, it happens to be an over-populated business area with crazy competition and near-death saturation. I haven't thought of anything else as yet.

I wonder how some successful entrepreneurs surmount this ever-nagging problem of finding the appropriate prouduct to do biz with.

However, I will be on this community for a long time now and I really like the idea of being able to communicate with my fellow-entrepreneurs, cutting across their degree of experiences.

I am on the biz wagon. I wish all my biz comrades all the very best and would like to thank the salehoo staff for such a wonderful work.

Au revoir



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