Parcel forwarding from the USA to Australia

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6 Jun 11 01:57:40 pm
Some time ago, I enquired regarding the problem I was experiencing due to the fact that the items I wanted were not for sale except in the USA.

As I am determined to pursue this a little further, I am hoping that Salehoo will give me a couple of definite recommendations for parcel forwarding from the USA to Australia m(e.g. I have found "myus" when searching as well as one or two others.) Which one/s are best to use for small sized parcels eg. up to 3kg at a time.

If this parcel post is not considered a viable option $$$wise, (and a previus post suggested that this might be the case) are there any US members out there who will act as my "USA" address, and then forward on the parcel to me. Obvously, I will pay for the parcel, as well as a "fee" for anyone able to help me out. The person will need to have a real residential address, not a P.O. box number.

I hesitated before asking this of any member, however, I recalled a previous post from Salehoo, where Fudji stated:

"My suggestion, connect with a US member here on the forum and see if you can work out a deal that is suitable for both. "

So: I need recommendations for a parcel forwarding service


Any takers out there from the USA who would (for a fee) undertake this.

Salehoo - I would appreciate any suggestions as to a fair "fee" if a US member does agree to this.

Also, the thought occurred to me...... I assume this is reasonably legal to do? I don't want to spend my retirement at Her Majesty"s pleasure. (For those without British ties... that means "doing time". ... even though this might be a welcome break from shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. ....

cheers and thanks in anticipation

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7 Jun 11 12:18:05 am
Hi yaamba,

I'm not sure what would be a reasonable fee for such an arrangement, but from what I know and read USPS will be your cheapest option for small packages from the US to Australia. Here are posts that might help shed some light into the topic -

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And if you haven't read this one, I think you might find it helpful too -

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All the best :)


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